Workers’ Compensation and Nerve Damage: Am I Covered?

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There are many different kinds of injuries you can suffer, and almost everyone carries the potential for nerve damage. Nerve damage, when it occurs, can mean a long and painful road to recovery. Sometimes recuperation from nerve damage can even take years, and it can be very expensive. As a result, many wonder if worker’s comp can cover the bills that stack up. Learn about nerve damage and workers’ compensation, and how a Winston-Salem worker’s compensation lawyer can help your case.

Nerve Damage

The idea of nerve damage conjures nightmare images of disability and long, expensive recuperation, as it should. The nervous system is the key to our biology, the network over which every signal to and from your brain and body travels. When you damage your nerves you can experience chronic pain, numbness, lack of sensation and even loss of muscle control.

Even worse, nerve damage can result from cuts, bumps, bruises, trauma, repetitive motion, or even illnesses like diabetes, many forms of cancer and other autoimmune diseases.

Work-Related Injuries

When you suffer an injury at work, even if it involves such long-term consequences as nerve damage, workers’ compensation exists to cover your injury. Every employer is required by law to carry worker’s comp insurance, and the sole purpose of this coverage is to pay for the medical bills and therapy required to get you back on your feet once more.

Workers’ compensation will cover your doctor’s bills, medication, physical therapy and other recuperative costs while you work to recover from nerve damage. However, some people run into problems when they file for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ Comp Denials

Ideally, when you’re injured you should file a claim and have your recuperation covered. Unfortunately, all-too-often employers or insurers challenge workman’s comp claims. They might claim that there is another condition causing the nerve damage. They might determine that your injury is not as severe as you claim. They could insist that you missed an important deadline in filing and your case is not valid.

Whatever the reason, far too many people find their workers’ compensation claim refused when they first submit. In order to get the coverage that you deserve and to which you are entitled, you may need to file suit and fight to prove the seriousness of your injury.

Winston-Salem Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

When the time comes to file a claim to challenge a worker’s comp denial, you need the best possible legal help. This kind of challenge requires gathering together a great deal of information to prove that your injury and the resulting nerve damage was caused by your work injury and not by other factors. It may also involve demonstrating that you took all of the proper steps required under the law in order to get coverage.

When this happens to you, you should seek the services of a qualified and experienced Winston-Salem worker’s compensation lawyer. An attorney knows exactly how to defeat these denials and present the information you need to get full coverage for your injuries. If you are in need of legal services for a work-related injury, call our office for a free consultation today.

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