Why You Need to See a Doctor After a Car Accident

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Most of my clients are tough cookies.  They are hardworking, strong willed people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They don’t like to complain.  They don’t like to fuss.  So sometimes it’s really hard for me to convince them that if they are hurting, they need to go to the doctor, especially if they’ve been in a car accident.  Here’s how I see it happen.  You’re in pain, but you decide to give it a week to see how it goes.  The pain seems to come and go, but it never really goes away.  It’s kind of like your car making a funny noise but not often enough to take it in.

Then three or four weeks go by and you realize you are still in pain way more often than is normal.  But now you’ve created a big gap in treatment and the insurance company says, well he isn’t getting treatment so he must be fine, or worse, what else could have happened in those three weeks that is causing pain.  They are always looking for something else to blame, a reason not to pay, a way to save money.

See A Doctor Immediately

When you watch a movie you get the majority of the story from the actors.  There can be music and props that help, but the heart of it comes from the actors on the screen.  In an injury case the heart of the story is from the medical records.  We can show pictures and witnesses can testify, but the majority of the story is going to come from medical records.  I’m not encouraging anyone to get treatment they don’t need, but if your pain is not documented by medical professionals, it’s like it didn’t happen at all.  So when in doubt, go get checked out.

Primary care doctors are really your best bet for affordable monitoring and care.  If you end up going to the doctor more than once or twice, you should contact our experienced injury lawyers to be sure the insurance company stands up and takes notice of your case.


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