Why You Need to Be Prepared For a Car Accident

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It Can Happen to You

Odds are pretty slim that you will get struck by lightning tomorrow.  It’s pretty unlikely that you will be swept up in a tornado.  Chances are pretty good you won’t be swallowed into a sinkhole.  But a car accident?  Now that could happen.  And odds are good that in your lifetime, it WILL happen.  While we all drive to work every day and fight our morning commutes, we sit feeling invincible in our big steel cages.  “I’m a good driver!” we think to ourselves.  “I don’t text and drive – or when we do it’s only when it’s safe” (which is actually never, despite what we may think).  “I don’t drive distracted!”  “Look at me, driving so well.”  Then BOOM.

In the midst of patting ourselves on the back for being such good drivers we are rear ended at full speed by an SUV that resembles the size of a school bus and all of a sudden, we don’t have a back seat anymore.  Are you ready?  Can you withstand possibly tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills?  Can you be out of work for a month or maybe more?  I have watched for ten years as my clients are victimized by car crashes and it breaks my heart.  Nobody should ever have to go through something like that.  But we DO.  It happens.  And it happens a LOT.

Be Prepared

Please do what you can to be ready.  Have good automobile insurance in place.  Be ready with short term disability coverage in the event you can’t work.  People don’t always realize that unlike workers’ compensation injuries, you will not be paid as you go.  Automobile insurance companies don’t pay claims until you are done with your treatment.  That would take months – or even years.  Be prepared to protect yourself from medical bills or lost income – especially if you are the breadwinner in your home.  If you are dealing with physical injuries, the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about how to pay your housing payment.

Please don’t be caught flat footed.  Insurance companies can tell when you are desperate for money and they will try to settle your case for cheap every time.  Nobody knows when or if something like this will happen to them, but we can try to be prepared if it does.  So control what you can and protect yourself.

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