Why Drinking and Driving is Never a Good Idea

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“I feel fine to drive.”  Have you ever said that or heard someone else say it?  Be careful, it’s a trick.  When you first start drinking (in life, not on a particular night) you have mental tolerance and physical tolerance.  Mental tolerance is how it impairs your judgment and reaction times.  Physical tolerance is how you feel and whether you slur your words or continue to walk straight.  Your physical tolerance increases WAY faster than your mental tolerance.  So while you FEEL fine and APPEAR fine, your JUDGMENT is still all whack-ado.  I think this is the main reason people get DWIs.  Because you feel fine.  And you appear fine to those around you.  As your physical tolerance increases you can feel just fine at a .15 so you are tricked into thinking you are safe to drive.

Also, counting drinks doesn’t really work.  First off all, your body doesn’t process a drink an hour (a common belief) if you are drinking fast or once you get to a certain BAC.  That “drink an hour theory” only works if you are: 1) Drinking at the pace of one drink per hour; 2) Don’t exceed three drinks; or 3) The bartenders are actually pouring standardized drinks (less likely at a bar where you are a regular and/or a good tipper).

So what’s the safer bet?  Stick to a one drink limit, call a cab, or use (real) designated drivers.  It’s not worth the risk.  A DWI can cost you upwards of $10,000 between legal fees, court fees, community services fees, lost time from work, transportation fees, insurance increases, et cetera.  If you have four drinks in a night, and it ends in a DWI, you will have paid approximately $2,500 per drink.  And it could be even worse. If there is a child under 16 in your car, it is MANDATORY jail time and likely DSS involvement. Lastly, if you have to live with the guilt of hurting someone in the process, the money will be the least of your worries.


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