When you have an auto accident, do you need a lawyer?

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It is not pleasant to think about, but the percentages suggest that all drivers have a serious accident at some point in their driving career. It doesn’t matter how experienced or careful a driver is if the other driver isn’t as experienced and careful. A serious accident might be just significant damage to the vehicle, as there is no doubt that cars and trucks are much safer now and getting better all the time, but people in vehicle injuries often don’t realize the internal damage done – neck and back injuries, for example, may not show up right away.

So what to do when the accident occurs? A lot depends on the situation and accidents are often confusing and disorienting, but some guidelines are: 1) Immediately call for help if anyone needs medical attention – and err on the side of caution! 2) Use a cell phone or camera to take pictures of the site, conditions, and the vehicles. 3) Don’t leave the scene – wait for an investigating officer to write the accident report. 4) Gather the names and contact information of any witnesses and get the insurance information from the other drivers.

Do you need a lawyer? Can’t you trust the insurance adjuster? The adjuster assesses the damages and puts a dollar estimate on them.  Their job is to minimize the dollar amount awarded and use information gained from you to discredit your case. That is where a good attorney’s value is first shown – he or she will protect you from these insurance companies.

Mike Lewis Attorneys are Auto Accident Lawyers in Greensboro and Winston-Salem with over 150 years of experience in auto accident investigation, trials, and negotiation and  we have collected over $40 million in verdicts for our clients. We do everything in our power to give our clients the fair hearings and justice their cases deserve. Our past clients praise us with such comments as, “you are a caring firm and a true blessing”, “they kept in constant contact and strived to get the best offer”, and “by far the favorite lawyers I have had.”

Mike Lewis Attorneys – we will get you the medical care, lost wages, and other financial compensation you deserve!

If you have an accident, contact us immediately – we will help.

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