What a Winston-Salem Worker’s Comp Lawyer Can Do for You

Construction Worker Falling Off Ladder And Injuring Leg

Vocations can come with a certain set of risks. Oftentimes, workers are injured or fall ill due to a work-related incident. If this happens, an employee is entitled to submit a workers compensation claim with his or her employer or insurance agency. Unfortunately, companies and insurance carriers are looking to save money, and paying out workers compensation hurts their bottom lines. Because of this, many entirely legitimate workers comp claims are rejected for unfair reasons. The injured employee must then appeal the claim denial in a court, and the legal system surrounding compensation cases is highly complicated.

Navigating a compensation claim case without legal help is an incredibly tough task, so it is highly recommendable injured workers recruit the assistance of an experienced, tenacious worker’s compensation lawyer. The attorneys at Mike Lewis in Winston-Salem are expert worker’s compensation lawyers, and they’re always ready to help an employee battling to receive fair compensation. The following article walks you through exactly why you need a skilled worker’s comp lawyer.

Build Strong Evidence to Support Your Claim

Frequently, worker’s comp claims get denied because the claimant lacks sufficient medical evidence to prove their case. Worker’s comp lawyers know exactly what kind of medical evidence you need and how much of it you should obtain for your particular case. The attorney can help you get your medical records in order, point you to the proper physicians for your injury, solicit medical opinions on your behalf, and organize depositions from health professionals. Strong medical evidence is required to ensure you receive all the compensation you deserve.

On the vocational side, a worker’s comp lawyer can recruit vocational experts to testify about the hazards of your job. The lawyer will also gather statements from those close to you regarding your inhibited lifestyle caused by work-related injury. Further, a worker’s comp attorney knows how to look for evidence proving the dangers of your workplace. An experienced attorney will be able to tell you exactly what evidence you need to win your case, and they’ll help you acquire that evidence.

Worker’s Comp Lawyers Can Tell You Exactly What Your Case Is Worth

Claimants tend to have inaccurate views of what their claims are actually worth. Worker’s comp lawyers who have been winning compensation cases for as long as Mike Lewis attorneys know how to properly and accurately evaluate the true value of your claim. These lawyers will base their evaluation on the following factors:

  •         The severity of the damages you sustained
  •         Your functional abilities after the injury
  •         What your disability rating is and whether you’re partially or totally disabled
  •         Whether injury-related disabilities are permanent or temporary
  •         The wage rate you previously received
  •         The expenses accrued from your present, past, and future medical treatments

After taking all these factors into consideration, a worker’s comp lawyer can negotiate effectively on your behalf. They know how to out-maneuver the fake, unfair settlement offers proposed by insurers. A good attorney can draft an air-tight agreement that will maximize your compensation. Settlements should include the injury-related medical expenses you foresee accruing throughout your life, and an experienced worker’s comp lawyer will be able to make this prediction without shorting you on deserved compensation or asking for too much.

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