Car Accident with Injuries

I met one of my nicest clients ever in the hospital while back.  His car had been demolished when the defendant made a left turn in front of him with no warning.  The crash report was against us indicating the officer wasn’t exactly sure who was at fault for the crash.  That crash report would have caused some attorneys to shy away from the case, but given the severity of our client’s injuries, we stayed involved to fight for him because he was in no condition to deal with the insurance company himself while he focused on healing.  He suffered a crushed tibia and other various fractures.  He treated for 15 months before finally being released from care. He was unable to work for the duration of his treatment, causing financial hardship for his family.  We were able to present over $26,000 of medical expenses and $20,000 in lost wages.  The case resolved for $385,000.

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