Trucking Accident Attorneys Discuss Winston-Salem Crash On U.S. 52

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An early morning collision on June 9 between a car and a semi tractor-trailer sent several people to the hospital, according to a wfmy report.

Accident Details

The semi driver stated that his rig was in the right lane of southbound U.S. 52 when an automobile passed him in the left lane. The driver of the car said she lost control on the wet pavement, and this reportedly sent her vehicle into a guardrail before it proceeded into the path of the 18-wheeler.

Three Individuals Taken to Hospital

As a result of the collision, the 18-year-old female motorist, a 19-year-old male passenger and a 17-year-old male passenger all required transport to North Carolina Baptist Hospital. Authorities stated that one of the individuals sustained life-threatening injuries. A spokesman for the medical center later said that the female motorist was treated and released. Both of the male passengers remained at the hospital because of their injuries. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured in the crash.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit of the Winston-Salem Police Department conducted an ongoing investigation in the aftermath of the wreck.

Although the investigation into this incident continues, motorists that lose control of their vehicles sometimes incur liability for negligent conduct in certain situations. When negligence is reasonably asserted, it is possible for an injured victim to seek compensation for pain-and-suffering, unpaid medical expenses and possible lost wages.

If you or a loved one suffers an injury in a car crash, it is possible to review the case with trucking accident attorneys focused on relevant areas of personal injury law. To ask your questions, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us.

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