Tips for Dealing with Other People’s Road Rage

frustrated driver

Two vehicles were in a minor traffic crash in Greensboro on April 7 which then got a lot worse. The occupants of the two vehicles got out of their vehicles and got into a verbal argument. The argument escalated when someone pulled out a handgun and threatened someone from the other vehicle. While no one was physically injured in the altercation, the man did shoot at the other vehicle several times as the people attempted to drive away. At some point, you may face someone else’s road rage. When this happens, keeping yourself and those around you safe should be a top priority.

  • If you encounter a driver who is driving recklessly, get out of the driver’s way as best you can. If possible, have a passenger call 911 right away, reporting as much information about the driver as well as the driver’s location as possible. Make the call yourself if you are in the vehicle alone or if a passenger cannot make the call.
  • Stay in your vehicle if an angry driver tries to draw you out. Lock all vehicle doors, and call 911.
  • Always make sure you call the police as soon as possible after an accident to report the crash.
  • If you get in a wreck with an angry driver, stay in your vehicle at least until the other driver has calmed down or until the police have arrived.
  • If you have already gotten out of your vehicle after a wreck and another driver or a passenger from another vehicle gets angry or violent, get back in your vehicle and lock the doors. This is especially important if you are in a less public place, and you feel the other person may try to hurt you.
  • No matter how angry the other driver gets, avoid fueling the person’s anger by yelling back at the person.
  • Never try to stop an angry driver from fleeing the scene of a crash, and never follow the driver who is fleeing. Get as much descriptive information about the driver, any passengers, and the vehicle as possible. Provide that information to the police, and allow them to find the driver.

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