Three Motorcycle Safety Myths

Misinformation abounds in just about every topic and motorcycle safety is no exception. Motorcycling is hazardous, and acting on misinformation only serves to make it even more dangerous. Be a safer motorcyclist by getting the facts straight. Here are three common misconceptions to ignore:

A Helmet Will Leave You Brain Damaged Instead of Dead

The assumption behind this belief is that beyond a certain speed, helmets won’t provide adequate protection. The truth is that most accidents occur at lower city driving speeds. In addition, most of the impact force of accidents is caused by the vertical fall off the bike.

The hard outer shell and energy absorbing polystyrene inner layer do a superior job of protecting the brain from these impacts than the human scalp and skull alone. Accidents and falls that only leave scuff marks on a helmet are severe enough to cause brain damage or death on a person without a helmet. However, the helmet must have a DOT or Snell certification and have a proper fit.

When a Collision Is Imminent, Lay down Your Bike

The friction between your tires and the road, and in the brakes of your motorcycle, is far greater than the friction between the side of your motorcycle and the pavement. Laying down your bike guaranties your getting hit or crushed by the vehicle or object in your path. Either swerve your bike without hitting something else, or brake hard without causing the tires to skid. Avoid swerving and braking at the same time unless you have antiskid braking.

A Highly Skilled Rider Has No Use for Helmets or Other Protective Gear

While there are plenty of motorcyclists who have never been in an accident, there is no guaranty that their record will stay that way. The motorcyclist doesn’t have control over the weather or the actions of the motorists surrounding him. Sometimes several uncontrollable elements can combine together to act against the motorcyclist. Everyone has bad days. Helmets and protective gear are your last-ditch back ups.

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