The Top Tips to Stay Safe During the Winter

Frozen Wheel Well and Tire

If you’re someone that thrives in the cold weather, then winter is probably your favorite time of the year. Winter can be one of the year’s best seasons, perfect for outdoor bonfires or a mug of hot chocolate. However, like every time of year, winter comes with distinct risks that you should prepare for if you want to stay safe and happy.

Anyone that wants to have a healthy and happy winter can follow a few basic safety tips that should prevent most major injuries that can occur during this season. Check out some of the easiest winter safety tips that should help you avoid car accidents, fires and other forms of cold weather injuries.

Effective Fire Prevention Tips

Out of the wide range of accidents, you may experience during the winter, fire is the most serious. A fire can start with little to no warning, potentially destroying your home and causing injuries with effects that last a lifetime. To make sure your winter is injury free, it’s a good idea to learn how to prevent the types of fires most common during this season.

Many house fires that occur during the winter are caused by an improperly placed Christmas tree. If you’re planning on setting up a tree in your home, then you should avoid placing it in locations where it is likely to catch fire, including next to electrical outlets and fireplaces or directly over heating vents.

It’s also common for fires to happen in the kitchen during holiday meal preparation. To avoid kitchen fires, you should make sure that there is always someone watching your stovetop and that you have safety equipment like fire extinguishers in place.

Winter Weather Driving Conditions

Thanks to the occasional presence of ice, snow, and sleet, winter can be one of the worst seasons for driving. If you want your winter to be free of a major car accident, then you should be sure to brush up on the proper protocol for driving through winter weather.

If you find yourself on the road when ice or snow start to follow, then the easiest way to stay safe is slowing your car to a safe speed. Driving slowly and cautiously should help you avoid collisions caused by winter weather.

Losing traction should also be a major concern when driving on wintry roads. If you want to keep your wheels on the road, then you should avoid sharp turns or sudden stops, both of which may cause your vehicle to slide out of your control. While sliding, don’t try to stop your vehicle by slamming your brakes, which can reduce your traction even further. Allow your vehicle to slow by itself by taking your foot off of your car’s accelerator.

Your Legal Rights

If you’ve been the victim of a winter accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit if your injuries were the fault of another person. To discuss your legal options after a serious injury, you should speak with the professionals at Mike Lewis Attorneys.

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