The Role Of Negligence In A Work Injury

North Carolina workers can file for benefits when suffering from injuries that occurred while on the job, but some workers may need to decide between accepting workers’ compensation or filing a suit. A suit may be applicable when negligence occurred, and one trucker recently won a suit after negligent maintenance practices contributed to causing his injuries.

Negligence Leads To Lawsuit

An employee of the Swift trucking company filed a suit after a tractor-trailer ran over his foot in June 2012. The man’s suit said the trailer was under-maintained even though Swift knew of the problems the trailer had. The man was awarded $2.6 million in damages, and Swift ended its attempt to fight the awarded amount when a settlement was reached for an undisclosed amount.

Compensation For Expenses

One may need to consult a work injury lawyer when evaluating the costs for one’s injuries. Depending on the severity and circumstances involved, one could receive compensation for things like:

After An Injury

When accepting workers’ compensation benefits, an employee normally waives their right to file a suit. That is why it is important to consider one’s options carefully when an injury occurs. If an injury is one’s fault, accepting workers’ compensation might be the best option. If another employee’s actions or a company’s negligence caused an accident, one might want to consider filing a suit instead.

You have the right to an attorney when trying to figure out what to do after an on the job injury takes place. We could help you decide the best approach after a workplace accident happens, so contact us today.


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