Stryker Extends Deadline To April

hipPainSMTwo years after recalling one of the world’s most popular hip implant devices, Stryker Corporation reached a settlement with injured plaintiffs in 2014.

The company agreed to settle the medical claims of patients and provide generous compensation to patients who received a revision hip implant surgery on or before Nov. 3, 2014.

More than 20,000 patients received implants from the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip systems. The devices have a very high-failure rate that causes metal poisoning in the bodies of many patients.

The Stryker settlement fund offers injured patients who have undergone hip revision surgery $300,000 per hip. The original deadline for filing a claim with the settlement fund was March 30, 2015. Recently, the company extended the deadline for filing a claim to April 17, 2015. Claims must be filed by 5:00 p.m. EST.

The process is extensive and patients must submit multiple forms of documentation to demonstrate their medical claims.

Stryker is extending the deadline so that thousands of patients who have received the defective implants can settle with the company. Injured patients that accept a settlement claim are often barred from suing the company in a personal injury lawsuit.

Stryker Injury Attorney

For patients who did not undergo revision surgery, their legal rights are not affected by the surgery. They are still entitled to file a personal injury claim independent of any settlement.

While the company may attempt to deny some patients the compensation that they deserve, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you defend your legal interests.

Whether you have undergone revision surgery or not, you may be entitled to compensation.

During a free consultation, our attorneys will review your case.

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