Speaking Humanity: Does Your Lawyer Need Rosetta Stone?

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Um. What? The law is complex.

Lawyers spend a lot of time digging around in legalese. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that English is actually our first language.

But for the sake of our clients and the sake of our effectiveness as an advocate, we don’t have the luxury of being able to forget that. You need someone who understands the law enough to simplify it. Also, if you are in the market for a trial lawyer, this is even more important. If you don’t understand your lawyer, the jury won’t either.

If you need a lawyer, odds are you are going through a difficult time. You are stressed, you are concerned, and you might be confused. The last thing you need is your interactions with your lawyer adding to all of that. Dealing with someone who speaks your language will go a long way in helping to ease the stress of your situation. You want a lawyer that talks to you, not at you. You want a lawyer that helps you understand your options – even if they aren’t always good options. Plus, if your lawyer can explain your options to you, odds are they can very effectively explain your position to a jury of 12 people – and that’s how cases are won.

At Mike Lewis Attorneys, we speak your language.

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