Scaffold Collapses and NC Officials Investigate


A recent scaffolding accident in North Carolina has led to an investigation into why the scaffolding that killed three workers and left several seriously injured collapsed.

The State Department of Labor, Raleigh police and fire department officials and others are investigating the cause of the scaffold’s collapse.

Several workers were working on a high-rise construction project when the scaffold broke free of the stabilizing façade to which it was attacked. The stabilizing equipment is called a mast climber and the attached scaffold is supposed to move workers between floors.

On Monday, the scaffold fell when one of the tracks snapped. The workers tumbled to the floor after falling nearly 200 feet. While three of the workers died at the scene, a fourth man was taken to WakeMed Hospital for treatment. He was listed in fair condition according to authorities.

Investigators are attempting to determine whether the company that produced the equipment, Associated Scaffolding, may have been negligent. Early reports indicate that the company has been cited for serious safety violations twice in the page ten years.

The company has declined to comment on the investigation. Construction site accidents are often fatal because of the dangerous equipment that was used.

If the company that provided the scaffolds was indeed negligent, the families may be entitled to financial compensation. Manufacturers are required to provide and produce safe materials. When they fail to do so, injured persons and their families can sue. A wrongful death lawsuit can help the injured family get justice for their loved one.

Construction Accident Attorneys

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