Personal Message from Lea Keller

I recently met with a client that was not a happy camper.  When he hired us earlier this year, he was approaching the time limit on his case.  His crash had happened back in 2014.  Doesn’t sound too bad; I mean he got to us on time, right?  WRONG.  By the time he got to us, he had already fallen into several pitfalls that we would have been able to warn him about if he had hired us earlier.  Now, here we are after almost three years of treatment resulting in a surgery and I’m not sure I can get him compensated for what he’s been through.  As Mike always reminds me, it’s not what I believe; it’s what I can prove.   It’s so frustrating because I really do believe this guy.  I believe he was injured.  I believe his treatment resulted from the crash.  But can I prove it to twelve jurors?

Most people don’t have much dealing with the civil justice system if they’re lucky.  So it rarely works the way they expect.  That is why it is imperative to hire a lawyer early to help you navigate the system from start to finish.  Because it all matters.  It all counts.  It’s not just how your treatment ends, but how it progresses through the whole injury that is going to make or break your case.  Now we aren’t doctors.  We aren’t going to direct your treatment or sit on you to make you go to the doctor, but we know insurance companies and we know defense lawyers.  And we can warn you when you start falling into potholes and hopefully catch you before you end up stuck down there.   But it is so.much.harder to pull you out of that pothole once you’ve landed there.

This is one of those situations where you can’t just trust your gut to know how to handle a personal injury case.  There is more to it than you can imagine and once the damage is done, it’s hard – sometimes impossible – to undo.  Instead of taking chances, give us a call.  We will take a look at your case for free.   If you don’t need us, we will let you know.  But if you have been treating for several months and you’re still in pain, odds are you do need a lawyer looking out for you.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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