NC Workplace Amputation Information

Workplace amputations are amongst the most debilitating and serious on the job injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is responsible for overseeing the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which outline how the federal government protects workers through the Fair Labor Standards Act. An amputation refers to the removal of a limb or other body part following some kind of surgery or physical trauma.

Recent studies suggest that nearly 3 million amputees are currently living in the United States. Unfortunately, many of them had suffered an on the job injury which either required surgery to amputate the damaged body part or an actual workplace amputation occurred. Employers are required to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. Through proper training, established safety guidelines, and administrative controls, these employers must do everything in their power to avoid any workplace amputations from occurring.

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Workplace Amputations

There are a variety of ways in which a workplace amputation may be necessary. When severe injuries are suffered, surgery may be required to remove the damages limb or body part. In some cases, however, the injury is so traumatic that it causes the removal of a body part or limb. Environments such as warehouses, industrial areas, and factories maintain the highest frequency of workplace amputations. The following are some of the most dangerous on the job activities that often lead to severe injuries:

  • Construction accidents
  • Use of farm equipment
  • Use of table saws or chain saws
  • Any operation of heavy machinery

North Carolina workers are warned that some of the most hazardous areas of work involve the point of operation of a machine, as well as power-transmission apparatuses and additional moving parts. Unfortunately, a large majority of workplace amputations could have been completely avoided had the proper safety measures been taken prior to operating a dangerous machine or other piece of work equipment. All possible hazards involving amputations must be identified, managed, and controlled by the employer. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury while at work, you are likely entitled to workers compensation benefits.

When it comes to hazardous mechanical motions, there are a number of moving parts all of which present a various level of danger. In these situations, it is up to the employer to institute strict safety procedures, in addition to posting safety warning labels on any and all equipment which warrants a warning. Without adequate caution in regard to operating dangerous machinery, the employer is often held liable for any damages and injuries that occur.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious workplace injury, Mike Lewis Attorneys is here to help guide you throughout the litigation process. We understand the stress and pressure that you and your family are under at this time, allow us to alleviate some of this pressure through the achievement of monetary compensation.

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