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Learn about construction accidents and on-the-job injuries. Explore your employer’s duty to keep you safe at work by providing workplace safety equipment and read about the most frequently asked questions in the “What Injured Workers Need to Know” section.

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Construction Accidents


Hazards are everywhere on the job site. Laws exist to keep the workplace safe and ensure that you have the resources available if you do get hurt on the job. Workers compensation, for example, is a form of insurance that’s required for almost every employer in North Carolina. This kind of insurance is a no-fault insurance that’s there to ensure you get covered if you’re hurt on the job.

Of course, it’s also vital to ensure that the workplace is safe and secure. Employers are required to post safety notices in areas that are easily accessible and visible to everyone. They’re also required to provide information about how to apply for workers’ compensation, and of authorized healthcare professionals you may visit in the event you’re hurt at work.

They’re required to provide all necessary safety equipment, education and training, and to do everything they can to minimize dangerous conditions.

Were you injured working construction? Get stats, browse FAQs, and learn about construction accident lawsuits.

On-the-Job Injuries


Getting hurt at work puts you out. Unfortunately, if you’re an employee of the company, in general, you forfeit the right to sue your employer, in exchange for having the right to workers’ compensation, which is a no-fault system. That means that it doesn’t matter who caused your injury or even if it was your fault. If it happened on the job, you are entitled to compensation to help pay for your injuries and partly compensate you for your lost wages.

Learn more about lawsuits for minor to disabling work injuries like electrocution, back injuries, sprains and fractures, and more.

Workplace Safety Equipment


No matter what your line of work, your employer has a duty to keep you safe. This means providing all the necessary personal safety equipment you need. This applies whether you’re surrounded by dangerous chemicals and need a hazard suit, you’re dealing with high temperatures and need special insulated gloves, you’re welding and need the right masks or any other dangerous conditions. Your workplace has a responsibility to provide the important equipment to keep you safe.

Learn about workplace safety equipment and common OSHA standards.

What Injured Workers Need to Know


When you get hurt at work, the first thing you need to do is report the injury to your supervisor and get medical attention. Your supervisor then has the responsibility to get you the injury report for workers’ compensation and direct you in the proper way to fill it out. Make sure you report the accident immediately, as failure to report in a timely fashion could result in your workers’ compensation claim being denied.

Get tips on how to report unsafe working conditions, returning to work, statutes of limitation, the types of benefits you may be entitled to, and more. If you are denied your claim, you should immediately contact a workers compensation attorney.

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