Carpal Tunnel Injury

A carpal tunnel injury occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. An individual’s carpal tunnel is at the base of the band and it houses the median nerves and tendons. The median nerve controls movement and feeling in the thumb, ring, middle and index fingers.

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Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Typically, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs only in adults. Medical professionals have found that women are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome then men. Doctors believe that this may be due to the fact that women have smaller wrists than men. Listed below are some other factors that increase your odds of getting carpal tunnel syndrome:

If you or a family member developed carpal tunnel syndrome after performing repetitive tasks at your job, you may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. Contact a North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney today for a legal consultation.

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Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most people will experience the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome gradually, with a burning and tingling sensation and numbness in the thumb, index and middle finger. Carpal tunnel sufferers will sometimes feel like their fingers are swollen, even if the fingers to do not appear swollen at all. Typically, the symptoms will first appear at nighttime, while an individual’s wrists are flexed. As the symptoms worsen, sufferers will feel the tingling and numbness during the daytime as well. Gradually, over a period of time people will lose their grip strength. If the injury goes untreated, the muscles at the end of the thumb will deteriorate.

Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Injuries

There is a variety of methods to treat a carpal tunnel injury. A doctor may advise a patient with a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome to take over-the-counter painkillers or oral steroids. Also, patients may be advised to do stretching and strengthening exercises. Sufferers with severe cases may need surgery to treat their injury. It may take a patient several months to fully recover from carpal tunnel syndrome. This can cause a financial strain on some patients because they may not be able to perform the same duties after the surgery and full recovery.

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North Carolina Workers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel injuries are not limited to one specific occupation or industry; the injury affects a variety of professions. Listed below are some occupations that are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • Dentists
  • Painters
  • Clerical workers
  • Janitors
  • Butchers
  • Assembly line workers

A carpal tunnel injury can be very expensive for the worker. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reports that the average lifetime cost of carpal tunnel syndrome, including medical expenses and lost from work, is $30,000 per injured worker.

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