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A recent study released by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration stated that every 16 minutes, a person is injured or killed in a truck accident in the United States – every 16 MINUTES! If you become part of this statistic, you may need an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side.

Unfortunately, in crashes that involve both a prime-mover and a passenger vehicle (whether the truck driver is at fault or not), it is often the drivers and passengers of regular vehicles that are the most severely injured.

Considering the sheer size of most trucks, this is not an unexpected conclusion, and that is why 18-wheel drivers are required to carry a substantially more comprehensive insurance policy compared to regular drivers – this coverage is known as a commercial policy.

Federal Regulations For Interstate Vehicles

Because trucks are involved in interstate commerce, they are subject to federal regulations that don’t apply to regular vehicles. This makes recovering damages and compensation resulting from any trucking accident a very complicated process. Possible defendants who may have liability in your case could be the owner of the tractor trailer, the driver, the company named on the trailer, or even the location where the contents of the trailer were loaded.

trucking-accidentsAt Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys, a truck accident lawyer is dedicated to finding the answers and thoroughly investigate all aspects of your truck accident claim and help to obtain your maximum compensation amount.

To further reinforce our team, our investigator also has a comprehensive checklist of items to verify in each case – some of which include checking the driver’s log and carefully recreating the accident scene to prepare your case.

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Driver Errors That Can Cause Collisions

Despite being heavily regulated, truck drivers are human, and they make mistakes. Some common driver errors are:

  • Driving more hours than they should
  • Failing to properly secure their loads
  • Not checking their equipment
  • Overloading their trailers

While some mistakes are willful; others are accidents that can lead to death, life-altering pain, severe burns, brain trauma and other serious injuries.

Most importantly – the majority of heavy vehicle accidents are preventable. Considering a fully loaded commercial truck may weigh 80,000 pounds or more, a passenger car weighing 3,000 pounds is no match for such a large vehicle. In many instances, a collision usually results in death or catastrophic injury to the driver of the car involved.

The Different Types Of Trucks

Admittedly, there are many different types of vehicles that have been designed to haul cargo, passengers, waste products, hazardous materials or for emergency response use – just to name a few of the services that they can cater to.

truckingSome common types of trucks include:

  • Delivery vehicles (UPS / FEDEX / US Post)
  • Buses (passenger / tour / school)
  • Prime movers
  • 18 wheelers
  • Cab-over design
  • Pantecs
  • Fire / Emergency response
  • Garbage / Waste disposal vehicles
  • Tankers
  • Refrigerated cargo carriers
  • U-Haul
  • Heavy lift cranes

Unfortunately, due to the long hours that many truckers spend on the roads, their chances of being the cause of – or involved in – a serious collision are greatly increased.

Important Information To Collect

Our personal injury legal team have handled many accident injury cases and know how complicated these cases can become. In a truck accident, it is important to contact a truck accident attorney promptly before critical information is lost or forgotten.

If you find yourself at the scene of a truck accident, it is important that you:

  • Photograph the accident scene
  • Describe in detail what happened
  • Write down the names of witnesses
  • Be sure to note the name of the owner of the truck and the name of the company written on the side of the truck

This information will help your truck accident lawyer in seeking recovery for your injuries, as it helps to provide a lot of important facts that are often quickly forgotten after the collision has been cleared.

In many crashes that involve cab forward, canopy express, panel or tow trucks, often the company that owns them will send out their own representative to survey the damage and the overall scene of the incident.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that much like insurance investigators, these surveyors are NOT your friend. They are highly skilled and trained to extract confidential information from you that can be used against your case in a court of law.

Our team is already aware of the tricks that these figures often use on innocent victims, and we can help to provide a barrier against their inquiries.

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