I Was Hurt in a Scaffolding Accident, What Can I Do?

Worker standing on scaffolding

If you’re a construction site worker, then it’s likely that a large part of your workday is spent avoiding common construction site hazards so that you can make it home safely. However, even if you’re cautious, it’s still possible to suffer a major construction site injury, particularly one caused by unsafe scaffolding. Even with the highest safety standards, scaffolding is dangerous, which is why you need to learn about potential injuries and your legal options.

Learn the basic facts about scaffolding accidents, legal scaffolding safety standards and how you can file a personal injury lawsuit after you’ve been hurt.

Safety Standards Your Workplace Must Follow

On a construction site, as in the majority of workplaces across the country, safety standards are outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA regulations apply to almost every area of a construction site, including the proper way to maintain and operate the scaffolding. Prior to your personal injury lawsuit, it’s important to examine these standards and decide if they were followed in the time leading up to your injury.

Probably the most important scaffolding safety standard is that the scaffolding must be kept clear of tools and debris to allow for clear passage. Additionally, any scaffolding must be supported in the correct manner, avoiding loose materials like barrels. Finally, scaffolding should have a weight capacity capable of supporting four times the maximum intended load.

If you find that OSHA safety standards are not being followed on your construction site, you may have a good basis for a lawsuit if you’ve suffered an injury.

Proving Three Facts to Win Your Case

After scaffolding accidents have occurred and you’ve suffered an injury, you will need to gather the evidence needed to win your personal injury lawsuit. In attempting to prove your case, there are three major areas that you need to focus on, as these are the most likely to win you the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

First, you will need to find the person on your construction site who is responsible for complying with OSHA safety standards.

If you know the person responsible for maintaining safety on a construction site, you must show that they did not adequately perform their duties and that this abdication of responsibility led to your injury.

Once you’ve done the important job of determining liability, the next step towards winning your compensation will be to prove the level of harm that you’ve suffered. Types of harm resulting from scaffolding accidents can include bodily injury, lost wages, and mental suffering. In order to prove harm, you should consult with your attorney about what kind of evidence you should gather and how this evidence can be used in your case.

Get Help with Legally Complicated Scaffolding Accidents

Because scaffolding accidents can be so devastating, you deserve compensation to help you move on with your life, which is why you need assistance from the professionals at Mike Lewis Attorneys. When you work with the legal professionals at Mike Lewis Attorneys, you’ll be increasing your chances of winning your personal injury suit and ensuring that your case is handled in the correct manner. Schedule a consultation with us right away.

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