I Got Food Poisoning From a Restaurant: What Are My Options?

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When you go out for a meal at your favorite restaurant, you expect your meal to be tasty and safe. Unfortunately, even if you’ve been a patron of a restaurant for years without incident, there is always the possibility of suffering food poisoning. For most people, food poisoning is a nuisance that clears up in as little as a day. However, for others, food poisoning can be a serious condition that results in expensive medical bills and long-term consequences.

After being the victim of serious food poisoning, you may be considering a personal injury lawsuit against the restaurant that served you tainted food, which means you need to examine how to best handle these cases. Discover if you’re able to sue a restaurant over food poisoning and find out why you need to hire a Greensboro personal injury attorney.

Is there Proof?

The most important factor to consider when you’re planning a personal injury lawsuit based on food poisoning is whether you can prove that the restaurant actually caused your illness. This is much more difficult than many people realize. For instance, the symptoms of food poisoning mimic those of other ailments like the stomach flu. It’s possible that you were already infected with the flu before eating at the restaurant, which means you aren’t eligible for a lawsuit.

Even if you clearly suffered food poisoning, it may not be the fault of the restaurant. Because the symptoms of food poisoning don’t develop until well after you’ve eaten the food, it’s possible your illness was caused by food eaten prior to visiting the restaurant in question.

If you have leftovers of the food that you believe caused your illness, it’s possible to have it tested for bacteria. However, even if the test is positive for bacteria, the restaurant can easily claim that it was contaminated after leaving their establishment.

The most successful food poisoning personal injury claims usually involve multiple victims. This can occur when a restaurant serves food that has been subject to a recall. In these circumstances, many restaurant patrons should have suffered food poison. If you can prove that you weren’t the only person afflicted, you have strong grounds for a lawsuit.

Should You File a Lawsuit?

After learning the obstacles to suing a restaurant for food poisoning, it’s possible that you may be wondering if bringing a suit is a worthwhile endeavor. For minor cases of food poisoning, a lawsuit probably isn’t advisable. However, if your food was contaminated by a dangerous bacterium such as E. coli or salmonella, you should strongly consider a lawsuit.

Major cases of food poisoning often result in expensive medical bills and a hospital stay, which means you deserve restitution. A Greensboro personal injury attorney can advise you whether your case is eligible for a lawsuit and can help you plan your case.

Work with a Greensboro Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re having trouble planning your personal injury lawsuit for food poisoning, you should discuss your case with a Greensboro personal injury attorney from Mike Lewis Attorneys.

During your free case review, one of our attorneys can review the facts of your food poisoning and tell you if you have grounds for suing the restaurant that caused your illness. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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