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Every summer, countless people rush out to catch local fireworks displays or host backyard shows of their own. Sadly, not all of those fiery events are without incident. Sometimes it’s the event organizer or attendee’s fault. Other times, fireworks manufacturers must assume all of the liability. That’s why it pays for people injured by fireworks to get a free injury case evaluation.

What Do the Latest Fireworks Statistics Reveal?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2014 report on the subject, less than 5% of all fireworks-related injuries take place at professional shows. Therefore, the majority of damages occur at private, do-it-yourself events. The commission’s data crunchers aren’t the only one’s keeping track of fireworks-related injuries either.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology estimates more than 8,000 people are impacted by these types of accidents annually and firecrackers are most often to blame. However, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, sparklers, Roman candles and other types of fireworks have the potential to cause great bodily harm too.

Of course fireworks displays that end in bodily harm are not the only reason to get a free injury case evaluation. As the National Fire Protection Association’s team of researchers point out, property damage may result as well. Depending on the number of fires that take place and their size, it is common for annual property damages to exceed $25 million dollars.

How Can Free Injury Case Evaluations Help Fireworks Victims?

Free injury case evaluations will help determine who is at fault for fireworks-related injuries and property damages. If it is the fireworks display host that’s to blame, premises liability law may apply. On the other hand, if the fireworks were defective or another person was negligent, victims may be looking at personal injury or product liability cases instead.

For free fireworks injury case evaluations, please contact Mike Lewis Attorneys today. We represent victims of fireworks accidents in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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