How to Prevent a Work Injury from Hurting Your Future

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Sometimes you’re working and you suffer an injury or illness that seems relatively minor. Maybe you think you’ve just sprained a wrist, or you catch a cold. You figure let it go, and it’ll get better on its own. Before you know it, it turns out that you’ve got severe carpel tunnel, bronchitis or emphysema related to working conditions, and it’s become too late to file for benefits. Learn how an apparently minor work injury can become very problematic down the road, why medical attention is vital and how an attorney in Winston-Salem and Charleston, North Carolina can help.

Treating a Work Injury

Any work-related injury is serious. This is the first thing that has to be impressed. No matter how minor you think it is, many injuries and illnesses don’t manifest in a serious way until weeks after they occur. By brushing it off and not getting treated, you could actually be damaging your future. Before you do anything else, make sure you have a doctor check out that phantom pain or unexpected illness that may have come from working conditions.

Minor to Serious

As mentioned earlier, something you think might just be a minor sprained wrist could blow up into something like chronic tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome or even a fracture that left untreated could heal improperly. A minor respiratory illness could blow up to become a major problem arising from bad or polluted air. A sprained knee could actually be a much more serious injury that could interfere with your ability to move around. Any injury could be more serious than you suspect at first.

Affecting Your Future

When an injury gets serious to the point of being debilitating, it can ruin your future. If you can’t hold down a job, you need to be able to pay your bills and make ends meet—Social Security only goes so far. Workers’ compensation is in place to protect you and cover your treatment for illness and injuries. If you don’t file a claim, however, you can’t get coverage, and you only have a limited amount of time to file.

What’s Covered

Workers’ compensation covers any medical and hospital payments related to your treatments, including rehabilitation, as well as disability payments when your injury or illness renders you unable to hold down a job. This can be up to as much as 2/3 of your normal salary.

Getting an Attorney

An attorney can be your greatest ally when filing a workers’ compensation claim. Sometimes claims don’t go smoothly—they may be challenged by employers or the insurance company. When this happens, you’ll need representation to make sure that you can revisit the claim to get the coverage you deserve. If you’ve got representation from the start, this is less likely to occur.

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