How to Initiate the First Steps of a Personal Injury Claim

Right after an accident, when an injury has been incurred by the accident victim; the time is very stressful.  It is not only a stressful time  for the victim–the entire episode can cause a great deal of confusion as to what to do next!  It is advisable, then, that when the victim is ready, he or she start pursuit of a personal injury claim for injuries incurred during the accident.

The question that comes to mind initially is:  What should occur first–post accident?  Naturally, the recipient of injuries will wish to look after his or her well-being first.  This is not the time to start pursuit of the personal injury claim–yet.  Once the victim realizes he or she is okay or well enough to function; it is advisable, then, that steps are taken in order that the person injured preserves his or her rights in order to file a claim for those personal injuries.

There is validity to the steps mentioned below; and in most circumstances there is truly no specific order in which the steps should occur.  (It is important to note, however, that if the injured victim needs to file a claim against a governmental agency, there are very specific steps that are required.)

The steps to take below are for a standard personal injury claim relative to a case such as a slip and fall or automobile accident.  The reader is advised to read further and make notations in the back of his or her mind about these very significant steps which should be taken after the accident:

Collection of evidence:  When evidence is collected; the information collected is assistive in that it provides the injured victim with a way he or she can point directly to the person responsible for the accident.  Collection of evidence is also useful in showing the extent of damages.

When collecting evidence it is suggested that images are taken directly after the accident event.  The saying:  “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is a point well-received in way of practicality and showing what happened as a result of the accident.

Recording of notes:  It is advised, the accident victim take as many notes as reasonable in recording what occurred during the days after the accident.  In example, notes are taken relative to amount of expenditures in the way of medical expenses, relative visits to health care providers, time off from work and lost wages, and so on and so forth.  In other words, the person who has suffered injuries and damages from an accident is advised to take anything down (note-wise) and keep copies of all expenses and paperwork associated with those expenses in order to assure he or she has a good chance of receiving proper compensation with respect to his or her personal injury claim.

Recording of contact information:  The accident victim is further advised to make certain he or she take down all names and relative contact information of witnesses to the accident.  It is important the accident victim make contact with these key witnesses after the information is recorded in order to assure he or she was given the proper contact information.

Record of conversations with other parties involved in the accident:  If the accident victim has a conversation with other persons involved in the accident event, it is a good idea he or she take notes about what was said during each individual exchange of communication.

Informing parties involved of filing a personal injury claim:  The accident victim, may, if he or she feels comfortable in doing so; inform parties involved that he or she is planning on filing a claim for personal property damage and for his or her injuries.

In order to settle a personal injury claim–the entire matter can be very time-consuming.  There are laws, on the books, referred to as “statutes of limitations,”  that provide the maximum time a person is allotted in bringing certain matters to the courts.  Once the period of time expires; the individual seeking compensation for his or her injuries may have no chance of recovering compensation for his or her injuries.  Each state has a statute of limitations relative to the type of claim.

It is obvious from the preceding content that a person attempting to attain compensation for his or her injuries acquire the services of a knowledgeable legal team.  It is best the accident victim hire the services of Personal Injury Attorneys  after an accident has occurred in order to assure he or she has a good shot at attaining compensation for injuries sustained during the accident; and compensation for associated damages.

In order to take the complication out of the legal matter, its is strongly advised the accident victim contact us  as soon as possible after the accident event.  The accident victim can concentrate on rehabilitation, and our team of legal experts can assist in proving negligence of the other party; and fighting to attain compensation for the victim’s injuries and associated damages.

Why not call us today?   The consultation is free; and an injured victim is not obligated to pay a fee; unless his or her matter is successfully settled.

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