How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Negotiate Settlements?

Lawyer at a board room table during a negotiation

Settling your injury claim is somewhat like taking a bid on a job or other similar negotiations where both sides must arrive at mutually agreeable terms.

Contrary to what some may think, the settlement amount available to them for an injury is rarely cut and dry. Insurance policy limits are guidelines, for example, and the amount of coverage you are offered will vary based on the extent of your personal costs as well as what the insurer is willing to give you.

Throughout this negotiation process, Greensboro personal injury attorneys can prove to be an invaluable resource in getting you to the settlement amount you desired. Read on to learn more about how they help you pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible and how their expertise helps your case.

Crafting a Demand Letter to Start Your Claim

Your injury claim will begin with a well-crafted demand letter that states the full amount of your claim along with documentation for the injury as well as the circumstances that led to it.

Prior to filing a demand letter, your personal injury lawyer will help you investigate the facts of your case. They may question witnesses, take photos of the scene, review any available CCTV footage and consult any reports that are available. They will also help you and your physician document the full extent of your injury, including any long-term or permanent disability, the need for ongoing treatment and medical facts to back up any claims of pain or suffering.

Once your attorney understands the full extent of your injury, they will total its costs along with any associated, non-monetary costs like pain and suffering. This information and the documentation for your case will be sent along with a demand letter to the liable party or their insurer.

The Liable Party Responds to Your Greensboro Personal Injury Attorneys

The party you are pursuing your claim from has a limited amount of time to respond to your initial demand. When they do, they will likely try to “poke holes” in your claim by alleging that some medical costs are not covered or that their client was not fully liable for your injury.

Your attorney can then put these counter-claims to rest by re-examining the facts of the case and adding any necessary documentation.

Once the opposing party decides that your claim is legitimate, they will respond with their first offer. This offer is typically low in an effort to test your willingness to settle quickly. Generally, you should hold out on this offer and respond with another counter-offer closer to your initial demand. Both sides will respond back-and-forth in this way until a final agreement can be reached.

If no settlement can be negotiated through this process, you and your lawyer will have to continue to the next step of the process by arranging for mediation, filing a lawsuit or using other legal instruments to help increase your chances of reaching your desired settlement amount.

You can start this process today with the help of an experienced Greensboro injury lawyer by dialing the number above or completing the contact form to the right. Do not hesitate, start your claim today!

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