How A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

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So, you got hurt on the job and now you’re not just dealing with physical pain, you’re also dealing with legal issues. The fortunate news is that a lasting impairment from a work injury means you’re eligible for payments from your workers’ comp insurance company. But be careful: once a settlement has been signed, it cannot be undone, so it’s important that you and the insurance company come to the best decision you can before the agreement is set in stone. Working with a workers’ compensation lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the law can be a valuable step in ensuring that you receive optimal compensation.

Negotiate Better

There are various types of workers’ compensation settlements and finding the kind that works for you might require negotiation. It might be in your best interest to receive a lump sum instead of permanent disability payments over a period of time. A lawyer can help you reach a settlement that matches your personal preferences. An attorney can help you settle medical expenses that have not yet been reimbursed and negotiate any disputed coverage.

A lawyer can also help you decide whether it would be best to accept a settlement or proceed to a trial or hearing. If you think you could receive more money than the insurance company is offering in the initial settlement, you might want to take the risk of going to trial. This could result in higher payments from the insurance company.

However, agreeing to a settlement has its own advantages: it will save you time, energy and the stress of the unknown.

If you’re unsure of which path to take, an attorney can help you weigh the pros and cons in order to come to a decision that makes the most sense for your unique circumstances.

Understand Your Benefits

There are a variety of benefits that could be included in your settlement, such as: Permanent Partial Disability, Permanent Total Disability and Temporary Partial or Total Disability. A lawyer can explain these to you in detail and help you determine which ones shouldn’t be left out of your settlement to make sure you receive fair compensation from the insurance company.

It is highly recommended that any worker suffering from a Permanent Total Disability hires a lawyer to ensure that his or her rights are protected and he or she is receiving the most compensation possible.

Get the Most Out with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney will not only ensure that your settlement is fair, it will also help you get the most you possibly can out of your agreement. Because a lawyer has experience with these types of settlements, he or she will be able to advise you, whether or not the insurance company’s offer is fair. If an attorney does not think the offer is just, they can use their knowledge of the law and their understanding of your medical history to reach adequate compensation. Generally speaking, a lawyer is able to reach a higher settlement than you would be able to on your own. Contact the offices of Mike Lewis Attorneys to learn more today.

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