Groundskeeper Receives $1.4 Million after Being Hit by a Baseball Bat

Mike Lewis Attorney's own Kara McIvor is responsible for the 1.4 million dollar settlment

In an unusual accident which left an injured public park groundskeeper with serious permanent disabilities, a North Carolina municipality agreed to pay $1.4 million in settlement for the claim.  During warm ups at batting practice, a batter accidentally lost his grip, slinging the bat in the direction of the groundskeeper. The 42-year old man was struck, knocking him to the ground. As he fell, he hit his head on an electrical box, causing a serious traumatic brain injury.

Unfortunately, the victim’s injury severely affected his motor function. His vision and coordination were also affected, requiring daily care. With time, his injury has shown limited improvement.

Both sides came to a confidential mediated settlement early this year. Her client received a lump sum settlement of $1.393 million, to cover the cost of his medical needs and lost wages.

Our attorney felt badly for her client and his family, who would be shouldering most of their son’s care. She said, “This was such a catastrophic freak accident, I couldn’t turn it down.”

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