General Motors Settles Ignition Switch Lawsuit for Undisclosed Sum

GM-recall-logoThe family of Brooke Melton has successfully sued General Motors twice for the ignition switch defects that caused the death of their daughter in 2010.

Melton was driving on the highway when the keys in the ignition disabled the airbags in her Chevrolet Cobalt. She was then involved in an accident that killed her.

The family sued General Motors for wrongful death in 2010 and received a $5 million settlement in 2013. During the depositions conducted by the Melton family’s attorney, it was revealed that General Motors may have known about the defects in their cars for more than a decade.

The family sued General Motors again. In the second lawsuit, they alleged that General Motors knowingly sold defective vehicles to the public.

Though the details of this settlement have not been released, it is still a significant victory for safety advocates who were instrumental in getting more than 2.52 million GM vehicles recalled in 2014 because of the defects in the ignition switches.

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