Driving Safely Through the Snow: What You Need to Know

Winter Driving in Snow

Winter is nearly here, and with it, the threat of snowy weather and slick, hard to manage roads. If you don’t have a lot of experience driving on snowy roads, than any trip that you take this winter can be extremely difficult and potentially unsafe. Fortunately, driving in the snow isn’t as hard as you might imagine, especially when you follow safe driving practices and only hit the road when you absolutely need to.

Learn how to stay safe while driving through the snow this winter and make sure to consult a Winston-Salem car accident lawyer after a snowy wreck.

Brake and Accelerate with Caution

When driving through the snow, the biggest risk is having your wheels lose traction and spin out, which usually results in you completely losing control of your vehicle. To make sure your wheels stay firmly on the road, always accelerate and brake very cautiously. Accelerating too aggressively or braking too suddenly increases the possibility of spinning wheels and a major accident.

Stay Away from Hills

A common sight when driving on snowy roads is seeing cars of all sorts struggling to make it up steep hills. Snow packed hills can prove insurmountable obstacles, and a good tip for driving safely through the snow is to avoid hills whenever possible. However, if you must drive on a steep road that is covered with snow, do not stop until you have crested the hill. Stopping in the middle of a snowy hill can mean getting your car hopelessly stuck.

Eliminate Stops

As mentioned in the previous section, stopping on a snowy hill is never a good idea, and this extends to stopping in general on a road filled with snow. The more frequently you stop, the greater the risk that you won’t be able to start again, which means you might find yourself in a very dangerous situation, stuck in the cold and trying to figure out to get your car going.

On any journey you must take this winter, only stop if it is absolutely necessary. Eliminating stops will make it much more likely that your snowy road trips will end successfully.

Avoid Long Trips

If you must travel when there is snow on the roads, try to make your trips as short as possible. Save all of your longest trips for when there is no snow and the roads are clear. For long trips that are unavoidable, plan ahead so that you take the most direct route. Minimizing your time on snowy roads will help you avoid a major accident this winter.

Hire a Winston-Salem Car Accident Lawyer

Even if you follow safe driving practices, there is no guarantee that other drivers on the road have the same commitment, which means you might end up being involved in traumatic car accident. To get the legal help you need after a wreck, hire a Winston-Salem car accident lawyer from Mike Lewis Attorneys today.

The Mike Lewis team is focused on you, and we are ready to help you after your winter car accident. Contact us today.

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