Do I Have a Valid Slip and Fall Claim?

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Slip and fall accidents are far more common than you realize. When you’re out and about, whether it’s in the parking lot of a business, at a friend’s house or anywhere you’re welcome, and you have an accident due to a dangerous condition that should have been fixed, the legal term for that is premises liability. It means that the person responsible for that property is liable for any harm that you suffer on that property if it was controllable.

For many people, it can be hard to determine if they have a valid case when they get hurt in such a way. Learn how to tell if you have a valid premises liability case, and how calling a slip and fall lawyer can be the best chance for you to get compensation.

Premises Liability

Premises liability, like the vast majority of personal injury cases, revolves around the idea of negligence. This means that you need to prove several things to get compensation for your injury. The first of these is that the other party (the defendant) had a duty of care to provide you a relatively safe place to be. That means they have to keep their property reasonably safe from dangerous conditions.

Second, you have to prove that they violated that duty by failing to maintain the property. Finally, you must prove that this exact failure was the exact or proximate reason why you got hurt. If you can establish these factors, you may have a case.

Determining Liability

Let’s say, for example, that you’re walking up to a local business across the parking lot when you slip and fall on an icy patch on the pavement. You get seriously hurt in the process. Consider the following factors: did the ice just happen? Is there an ice storm going on or did one just finish an hour ago? If so, the owner may not have had time to address the issue.

If the ice storm was yesterday, on the other hand, there’s been plenty of time for the owner or property manager to put salt down, place warning signs, or take other steps to address the issue. In this case, you definitely have a claim for a slip and fall case.

Getting Compensation

If you do get hurt in a case like this, you may be able to collect significant compensation for your injuries. This can include medical bills, costs of rehabilitation, lost wages and lost potential future compensation, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of consortium, lost quality of life, and a range of other damages.

Calling a Slip and Fall Lawyer

In order to have the best chance at getting compensated for your injuries, you should seek help from a qualified slip and fall lawyer. Insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying out significant claims, and you need help from someone who knows how to protect your rights. At Mike Lewis Attorneys, we have a great deal of experience in this area. Give us a call today for a free consultation on your case.

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