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Product Liability and Medical Malpractice

When you get hurt because a doctor was careless, that’s the definition of medical malpractice. But what happens when you get hurt because a drug was defective, or a piece of surgical equipment fails? Is there a point where a defective product case can overlap with medical malpractice? If so, how do you determine which Read More

I Was Hurt By A Defective Product: What Do I Do?

Defective product liability claims arise from defectively designed products, defectively manufactured products or products that lack an appropriate instructional or warning label. In order to pursue a product liability claim, you must demonstrate that your injury is a direct result of one of these types of defects. If you do believe your injury is a Read More

Personal Injury Attorneys Share Startling Look At Dangerous Drug Recalls

Last year, the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society published a disturbing report on the frequency of drug recalls in America. It covered a period of 10 years (2004-2014). Their report confirmed what many personal injury attorneys have long suspected, drug safety in this country is deteriorating and consumers are undeniably on the losing end of the medicine Read More

Flu Shot Vaccine Injuries In The Arm

Millions of Americans get routine influenza vaccinations. In particular, older adults have a high rate of vaccination with more than 65 percent of adults over the age of 65 getting such vaccinations. Unfortunately, new reports indicate that the flu vaccine injection process may not be safe. Patients have reported serious injuries after a vaccination. Patients Read More

Risperdal Injury Jury Verdict Over $2M

In the first jury verdict of its kind, a Philadelphia jury has come back with a $2.5 million award for a man who was prescribed Risperdal® for five years in the 2000s. Attorneys for the plaintiff argued that Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of Risperdal manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, engaged in deceptive marketing practices that Read More