Are You Hurt? Most Common Car Accidents Injuries

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According to 2014 CDC data, motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of injury leading to death among five to 24 year-olds. For people 25 and older, it is the number two cause of injury leading to death.

Looking at these statistics shows that motor vehicle accidents can be quite serious. Those lucky enough to live afterwards still have to contend with some major injuries, which can include partial or total paralysis. These injuries can end up costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in health care, not to mention their immeasurable impact on the mental health and happiness of the victim.

For these reasons, fighting for your right to compensation after a motor vehicle accident is paramount. Make sure you solicit the help of a North Carolina car accident lawyer to increase your chances of receiving the compensation you are rightfully owed. Doing so can help you repay for the following common car accident injuries that are likely to occur:

Car Accident Injuries to Soft Tissue

Soft tissues — such as muscles, tendons and ligaments — often lack the protection of other systems like bones or vital organs. They are therefore extremely susceptible to sudden forces, such as those experienced during a car accident.

A whiplash injury is one of the most severe types of soft tissue injuries. This injury occurs when the muscles and ligaments on the neck near the base of the skull are subjected to traumatic forces, causing long-lasting pain or even paralysis.

Other, similar injuries can occur, including shoulder injuries, knee injuries and soft tissue injuries to the torso.

Scrapes, Cuts and Bruises

Lacerations (cuts), abrasions (scrapes) and contusions (bruises) are all generally minor injuries, but they can be quite severe after a car accident. Some cuts can even sever major tendons, requiring surgery to regain use of the connected appendage.

These cuts and injuries are most often caused by flying objects, such as cell phones or coffee mugs, and also from impacts to car components like headrests.

Head Injuries

Even though your skull feels like a strong defense, your brain is quite susceptible to injuries. Car accidents commonly cause concussions or head wounds. Blood loss near the skull is critical because the heart pumps blood to the brain rather vigorously.

Traumatic brain injuries in particular can have hidden, long-lasting effects, especially if not treated for properly.

Injuries to Arms and Legs

Our arms and legs tend to flail upon impact, especially if we are trying to protect ourselves with them.

When your vehicle is struck, particularly from the side, your knees or elbows will in turn strike the dashboard, the door molding, or the center stack. Some of these injuries are minor, but others can cause bone breaks or even permanent paralysis.

The Importance of a North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

By soliciting the help of a North Carolina car accident lawyer, you strengthen your chances at getting repayment for the full medical costs of your injuries as well as your mental hardships.

Do not leave your health up to chance or the goodwill of others; fight for your rights to full repayment by starting your case with a North Carolina car accident lawyer today!

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