Safety Tips For Your Labor Day Weekend Road Trip

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Labor Day weekend is a great time to take a break right after the start of the school year, but all those road trips can spell trouble for safety. AAA predicted that 30.4 million families and people hit the road last year. Even more could be out and about this year. All of those drivers increase the chances of a car accident and subsequent injuries.

So, make sure you use the following driving tips this holiday, and look to the services of a Winston-Salem personal injury lawyer if you do happen to get a collision in order to secure your rightful compensation for your injuries.

Get Your Car Looked Over

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top shape can be your best bet at avoiding accidents or at least making them less severe this Labor Day. Your tires, brakes, fluids, belt and battery can all put you in serious danger if they malfunction on a busy highway or interstate.

Bring your car in to a local dealer or a trustworthy mechanic in order to have all these systems checked, and ask them how your air conditioning is doing while they are at it!

Pack the Right Emergency Gear

Whether you get into an accident, have a vehicle breakdown, or one of your passengers has a personal breakdown inside the car, you will want to be well-supplied in order to handle the situation.

Recommended emergency supplies include:

  • A gallon of drinking water per passenger
  • Warm blankets
  • A flashlight
  • Jumper cables
  • Road flares or emergency lights
  • Tire-changing kit
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency snacks, like granola bars

Also make sure that at least one cell phone remains charged. You can purchase a roadside assistance plan before your trip to decrease your chances of getting stranded.

Be Wary of the Sun

Even in a moving car, the sun can get pretty brutal. Protect yourself and your passengers by making sure everyone lathers up with sunscreen before a long trip. On shorter trips, you can often make do with a hat or light, long-sleeved clothing.

With younger children in the back, consider a stick-on sunshade and a hat of their own to reduce UV exposure. You should also cover up any child seats with a blanket before leaving the vehicle parked. Otherwise, they could end up with skin burns, or at the very least an unpleasant surprise, when they re-enter the seat.

Secure Items, and Pack Heavy Items Low

If you have large items like a surfboard or cooler, make sure they are properly secured. Each one can turn into a potential projectile in a car accident situation.

Packing heavy items low in seat wells or in the trunk likewise reduces the risk of massive weight shifts once a collision occurs.

Protecting Your Rights After an Injury with a Winston-Salem Personal Injury Lawyer

If you do happen to get in a collision that results in an injury during your travels, make sure that you follow up by securing legal representation. Without an attorney, you could forfeit some of the compensation to which you are legally entitled or miss out on it altogether.

Considering that medical bills can often balloon past what we expect, you owe it to yourself to get skilled representation from a Winston-Salem personal injury lawyer any time you are injured by someone else.

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