3 Important Items To Bring Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you are currently going through a workers’ compensation claim, you might be thinking about hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer. This is a good way to ensure that your case is handled as it should be, but if you want your lawyer to do the best job possible, you’ll need to bring him or her the right things. These are three things that you should bring along when meeting with your lawyer for the first time.

1. Medical Documents

Make sure that you hold on to any medical documents that you receive that are related to your injury. For example, you’ll want to bring in doctors’ notes and medical bills. This can help your lawyer get a better picture of how severe your injury is and can provide proof of your medical expenses.

2. Witness Information

Did any of your coworkers witness what happened on the day that you were injured? If so, have them jot down a quick statement, along with their full name, contact information and signature.

3. Documentation Related to Your Job

Any correspondence that you might have received from your employer in regards to your accident should be brought to your attorney. You should also bring in information about how long you have been employed at your place of work, what your job description entails and how much you get paid.

Bringing the right things to your lawyer in the beginning can help him or her get started on your case. If you’re looking for a workers’ compensation lawyer that you can trust, contact us at Mike Lewis Attorneys today.

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