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    The North Carolina Injury Attorneys at Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys have been fighting diligently for the victims of personal injury in North Carolina and throughout the United States...Read More

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    The North Carolina Injury Attorneys at Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys have been fighting diligently for the victims of personal injury in North Carolina and throughout the United States...Read More

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    The Vehicle Accident Attorneys at Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys are skilled in helping those who have sustained injuries due to a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, or bicycle Accident...Read More

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    At Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys, we have decades of experience helping business owners and homeowners successfully challenge the government in land condemnation cases....Read More

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    Employer fraud is widespread. When you are injured on the job, you and your family deserve workers' compensation benefits. Let Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys get you the compensation you deserve....Read More

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About Us
Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys has proudly represented thousands of North Carolina residents. Our longstanding reputation, both inside and outside the courtroom, gives us the strength to fight for the justice you deserve.

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No One Deserves to Suffer. Let us Help.

Aggressive Personal Injury Attorneys Who Care

We help clients who are facing difficult personal, medical and financial situations. We know that you are worried and exhausted by the inevitable run-around that the insurance companies are giving you. Our lawyers do everything in their power to achieve the justice and results that your situation deserves.

Over $40 Million Dollars In Verdicts & Settlements

At Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys, our results speak for themselves. With our many years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have collected tens of millions of dollars for our injured clients. We are trial lawyers who excel in the courtroom and across the negotiation table. We exhaustively prepare every case, while keeping our clients informed about the status of their case. Personal injury claims can cause anxiety; our goal is to streamline the personal injury claims process and get great outcomes for our clients.

At our firm, we vigorously advocate for our clients and assert their legal rights and interests in multiple forums. We have the experience and skills to articulate your case and pursue the medical benefits, wages and financial compensation to which you are entitled.

Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys represent victims of serious personal injury cases throughout North Carolina.

Experienced, Skilled & Honest Lawyers

At Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys, we pride ourselves on ensuring that victims who have been injured by dog bites, car accidents or in nursing homes, get the care they need and the justice they deserve. Whether you were hit by a truck or injured at work, our firm has more than 44 years of experience helping injured individuals just like yourself. Fight back against the negligent people and companies who have harmed you.

Your Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers handle all types of injury claims, including car wrecks, truck accidents, dog bite injuries, dangerous drugs, workers’ compensation and wrongful death claims. If you or a loved one were injured by the actions of another, whether through negligence or malicious intent, you have the right to pursue damages.

You are in pain. As your legal advocates, we will help. Call 866.299.1769 today.
Worker's Compensation
Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys is a premier North Carolina workers' compensation firm.
  • Over 44 Years of Experience
  • Over $40 Million Obtained
  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients
Visit the Workers' Compensation Center
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Effective North Carolina Workers' Compensation Lawyers

No employer should ever get away with preventing an injured worker from accessing their medical, financial and job related benefits. Cruel employers and their insurance companies need to be held accountable. At Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys, our lawyers will advocate for all of your legal workers' compensation rights.

Don't Accept A Denial of Your Claim

Unless a workers' compensation claim has been reviewed by an attorney, it is difficult to know whether you rights have been violated. Don't make any assumptions. You were injured at work and you deserve your benefits. We can answer your workers' compensation injury questions.

When a workers’ compensation claim is denied, it is time to consult with an experienced North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney who can get you and your family back on the road to financial stability by fighting for your legal rights. If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, call 1-866-299-1769.

Social Security
Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys can help you get your disability benefits. Our lawyers won't take no for an answer.
Contact your North Carolina disability law firm. Call 866-299-1769.

Getting You The Benefits You Deserve

Disabled and injured individuals should be able to take advantage of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. When SSDI benefits are denied, individuals already trying to make ends meet can experience frustration and poverty.

With an experienced advocate on your side who can evaluate your claim, you have a chance to get the benefits you deserve. For over 44 years, the Social Security Disability Insurance lawyers at Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys have guided disabled residents of North Carolina through the process.

Get Help Filing A Disability Claim

The process of filing a Social Security Disability claim is very complex. Oftentimes, applicants have their claim wrongfully denied, reduced or terminated. Our experienced disability attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you may deserve.

Contact us if you are trying to determine your eligibility, if you need help filing for Social Security Disability Insurance or for Supplemental Security Income, or if a claim has been denied or reduced.

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Eminent Domain
Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys serve homeowners across the state.
  • We understand the complexities of condemnation law.
  • We fight for a favorable market value settlement.
  • We offer a "No Fee" Unless We Win Promise.
Learn more about eminent domain and land condemnation law.
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Is the Government Trying to Take Your Home?

There is nothing more frustrating than being told that the state or federal government is going to take your home and land in order to build something useful for the public.

In some cases, the government may try to transfer your private property to other private individuals or companies. Though the right to take property is protected by the constitution, there are limits. And when these limits are exceeded, you may be experiencing eminent domain abuse.

Whether you are concerned about getting fair compensation, keeping your home or evaluating the government's claims, our experienced lawyers can help. For more than 44 years we have helped residents throughout North Carolina fight eminent domain abuse.

Act Quickly to Get a Favorable Settlement

If it appears that your property may be affected by eminent domain, it is important to be proactive. By taking appropriate steps before your land is taken, you increase your chances of receiving a favorable settlement for your property.

The eminent domain lawyers at Lewis & Keller, formerly Mike Lewis Attorneys can provide comprehensive representation to help fight the taking of your North Carolina property or commercial land.

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Learn More About Your Rights at the Workers’ Compensation Center


Several factors can contribute to serious workplace injuries, including unsafe working conditions, faulty equipment and slip-and-falls. Work injuries often result in medical expenses, lost wages and disability claims. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you recover the benefits that you may deserve. 100% FREE case evaluations! We only get paid if we win.